<html> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <title>Pringles</title> <meta name="title" content="Pringles Can Collector"> <meta name="description" content="Do You Collect Pringles Cans?"> <meta name="keywords" content="Pringles, cans, collector, collectors, Pringles-fan, fan-site, dosen, kokers, verzamelen, verzamelaar"> <body bgcolor="#C4D3C4" background="PRINGLES4.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" TEXT="black" LINK="black" ALINK="black" VLINK="black" <style type=text/css> <!-- A:link {text-decoration: none} A:visited {text-decoration: none} A:active {text-decoration: none} A:hover {text-decoration: none} --> </style> <font face="arial,sans-serif"> <h2><b>Marc's International Pringles Can Collection</b></h2> <p> <i>Move your mouse over the images to read the description!</i> <p> <b>European Pringles</b><br> <img width=60 height=200 src="New Original.jpg" title="Original"> <img width=60 height=200 src="90 Salt & Vinegar.jpg" title="Salt & Vinegar"> <img width=60 height=200 src="90 Paprika.jpg" title="Paprika (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="90 Hot & Spicy.jpg" title="Hot & Spicy (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="90 Sour Cream & Onion.jpg" title="Sour Cream & Onion (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="90 Texas BBQ Sauce.jpg" title="Texas BBQ auce (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Bolognese.jpg" title="Bolognese (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Cheese & Onion.jpg" title="Cheese & Onion (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Jamon.jpg" title="Jamon (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Sea Salt & Black Pepper.jpg" title="Sea Salt & Black Pepper (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Cheesy Cheese.jpg" title="Cheesy Cheese (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Smokey Bacon.jpg" title="Smokey Bacon (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Jalapeno Euro.jpg" title="Jalapeo (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Thai Sweet Chilli.jpg" title="Thai Sweet Chilli (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Prawn Cocktail.jpg" title="Prawn Cocktail (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Ketchup.jpg" title="Ketchup (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Salt & Pepper.jpg" title="Salt & Pepper (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Bacon.jpg" title="Bacon (Russia)"> <p> <b>Arabic Pringles</b><br> <img width=60 height=220 src="Original Arab.jpg" title="(1JF,D2 'D#5D"> <p> <b>North American Pringles</b><br> <img width=60 height=200 src="Cheezums.jpg" title="Cheezums (Now Cheesier!) (USA)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Ranch-Rageous.jpg" title="Ranch-Rageous (USA)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Pizza-licious.jpg" title="Pizzalicious (USA)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Fiery Hot.jpg" title="Fiery Hot (USA)"> <img width=60 height=220 src="Loaded Baked Potato.jpg" title="Loaded Baked Potato (USA)"> <img width=60 height=220 src="Barbecue.jpg" title="Barbecue (USA)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Four Cheese.jpg" title="Four Cheese (Canada)"> <p> <b>Japanese Pringles</b><br> <img width=60 height=200 src="Mild Salt.jpg" title="Mild Salt (Japan)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Grilled Shrimp & Pepper.jpg" title="Grilled Shrimp & Pepper (Japan)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="French Consomme.jpg" title="French Consomm (Japan)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Fresh Tomato & Garlic.jpg" title="Fresh Tomato & Garlic (Japan)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Winter BBQ.jpg" title="Winter BBQ (Japan)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="Hot & Spicy (Japan).jpg" title="Hot & Spicy (Japan)"> <img width=60 height=200 src="French Caesar Salad (Japan).jpg" title="French Caesar Salad (Japan)"> <img width=75 height=100 src="Mexican tacos.jpg" title="Mexican Tacos mini (Asia)"> <img width=75 height=100 src="Creamy Cheese.jpg" title="Creamy Cheese mini (Asia)"> <p> <b>Asian Pringles</b><br> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian original.jpg" title="original (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian cheesy cheese.jpg" title="cheesy cheese (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian sour cream & onion.jpg" title="sour cream & onion (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian salt & pepper.jpg" title="salt & pepper (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian wild spice.jpg" title="wild spice (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian basil & garlic.jpg" title="basil & garlic (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian grilled shrimp.jpg" title="grilled shrimp (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian soft-shell crab.jpg" title="soft-shell crab (Asia)"> <img width=58 height=200 src="Asian seaweed.jpg" title="Seaweed (Asia)"><br> <i>These cans are noticably thinner</i> <p> <b>Other sizes</b><br> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Sour Cream & Onion LOTR.jpg" title="Sour Cream & Onion (Lord Of The Rings - USA)"> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Salt & Vinegar LOTR.jpg" title="Salt & Vinegar (Lord Of The Rings - UK)"> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Euro 2004 - Paprika.jpg" title="Euro 2004 - Paprika (Euro)"> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Euro 2004 - Hot & Spicy.jpg" title="Euro 2004 - Hot & Spicy (Euro)"> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Euro 2004 - Cheese.jpg" title="Euro 2004 - Cheese (Euro)"> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Ranch.jpg" title="Ranch (USA)"> <!img width=60 height=200 src="Spring Onion - Win a trip.jpg" title="Spring Onion & Feta Flavour (Win A Trip To Greece!)"> <!img width=60 height=220 src="Original - Celebrating Canada.jpg" title="Original - Celebrating Canada (Canada)"> <!img width=60 height=220 src="Original - Champion Size.jpg" title="Original - Champion Size (Euro)"> <img width=60 height=100 src="Grab & Go - Cheezums.jpg" title="Grab & Go"> <img width=250 height=200 src="18 Variety Pack.jpg" title="Variety Pack"> <img width=80 height=200 src="Mini Pringles - Original.jpg" title="Original"> <img width=80 height=200 src="Mini Pringles - Sour Cream & Onion.jpg" title="Sour Cream & Onion"> <img width=80 height=200 src="Mini Pringles - Cheese & Onion.jpg" title="Cheese & Onion"> <img width=80 height=200 src="Mini Pringles - Salt & Vinegar.jpg" title="Salt & Vinegar"> <img width=80 height=200 src="Mini Pringles - Texas BBQ Sauce.jpg" title="Texas BBQ Sauce"> <p> &nbsp; <p> <b><a href="index.html">Return to main page</a></b> </html>